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Truth decay

Defending Christianity Against The Challenges Of Postmodernism

Douglas Groothuis

224 pages
SPCK Group

The concept of truth as absolute, objective and universal has undergone serious deterioration in recent years. No longer is it a goal for all to pursue. Rather postmodernism sees truth as inseparable from culture, psychology, race and gender. Ultimately, truth is what we make it to be.
What factors have accelerated this decay of truth? Why are people willing to embrace such a devalued concept? How does this new view of truth compare and contrast with a Christian understanding?
While postmodernism contains some truthful insights (despite its attempt to dethrone truth), Douglas Groothuis sees its basic tenets as intellectually flawed and hostile to Christian views of truth. In this spirited presentation of a solid, biblical and logical view of truth, the author unveils how truth has come under attack and how it can be defended in the vital areas of theology, apologetics, ethics and the arts.
An important book for all concerned about the nature and value of truth.