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Tactful Advice for Calling Your Next Pastor

Rev. Dr. Gary Straub

96 pages
Christian Board of Publication

A change of pastoral leadership creates a special kind of stress and strain on a congregation. Your church may prefer the more practical starting points, such as appointing a search team, getting assistance from a denomination, shoring up finances, addressing maintenance issues, and developing a quick timeline. Then there are the deeper matters: grief work, sober evaluation of effectiveness, prayer around core reasons for being, attending matters of the heart around communal healing and reconciliation, and authentic conversation about who we are called to be for the sake of the Gospel and the world around us.

Gary Straub articulates the dynamics of the pastoral search process from both sides of the equation. With more than 50 years of ministry experience-including calls to large congregations, interim positions, and coaching of pastoral candidates-Straub integrates practical advice with prayerful counsel. Healthy dialogue helps keep you passionately open to the Holy Spirit. Tactful Advice for Calling Your Next Pastor starts the dialogue and keeps it focused.

Author Bio
After finishing a two year ministry with the Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville as Interim Senior Minister, Gary Straub is currently serving Beargrass Christian Church in Louisville as Consultant for Evangelism and works as Development Director for The Bethany Fellowships, a coaching and mentoring ministry serving young pastors, in their first four years of parish ministry. Additionally, he is founder of WellSprings Consults and is now associated with Dick Hamm and George Bullard in The Columbia Partnership, a consortium of church consultants. He has served three churches as Senior Minister in the last 35 years: First Christian in Chattanooga, Kingsway in Memphis and First Christian in Frankfort, KY.