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American Leftovers

Surviving Family, Religion, and the American Dream

328 pages
Chalice Press
American Leftovers is the story of Heidi, Eric, and Shaun, three children who follow their parents through eastern Europe on Bible-smuggling adventures in the early 1970s. When they return to the States, they face third-culture questions of home and identity. They also deal with sexual situations and abuse, while settling into an evangelical bubble with their parents who pastor a fast-growing church. Everything collapses when their father runs off with an eighteen-year-old girl, leaving behind his family and church. This forces Heidi, Eric, and Shaun to reconcile their own spiritual fervor with the lies and dysfunction so close to home.
Author Bio
Heidi Wilson holds a bachelor’s degree from Life Pacific University, and a Master's in counseling psychology from Northwest University. Heidi lives in Eureka CA.Shaun Wilson has a bachelor’s degree in pastoral care and counseling and has earned a mastery in TOEFL from University of Arizona. Shaun currently resides in Brentwood CA.Eric Wilson is a New York Times bestselling author whose books have sold over 600,000 copies. Eric lives in Nashville, TN.