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Another Way

Living and Leading Change on Purpose

Stephen Lewis Matthew Wesley Williams Dori Grinenko Baker

208 pages
Chalice Press
Another Way describes a new way of leadership for the 21st Century, one that inspires people to delve deeply into their own selves and that creates a mysterious relatedness among strangers. When this leadership happens, we remember people are created to experience community, to find joy in one another, and to create a better world out of a deep reservoir where the soul resides. Written by the leaders of the Forum for Theological Exploration, the internationally recognized leadership incubator for emerging Christian leaders, Another Way will shape the way you look at yourself, your leadership, and the communities that hold you accountable to making the world a better place.
Author Bio
Stephen Lewis serves as the President of The Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE). He is an ordained Baptist minister. Matthew Wesley Williams is serving as Interim President of the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC). He is an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Dori Baker serves as Senior Fellow of Research and Learning for the Forum for Theological Exploration.