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Available Hope

Parenting, Faith, and a Terrifying World

Julie E. Richardson

128 pages
Chalice Press
Perfection is a myth, and hope is a choice. Our own brokenness as parents actually makes us better able to prepare our kids to really live. Our best teachers are our children. And despite daily fear and discouragement, hope is within reach. Grab ahold of it. Julie E. Richardson invites you to examine your own life and discover your struggles actually make you stronger- and a better parent. Find courage and live out your beliefs and values as you speak up on behalf of those who have no voice. Realize your own transformative relationships can help build a better tomorrow, together, with your children.
Author Bio
Julie E. Richardson is a graduate of Berry College (B.A., 1997) and Lexington Theological Seminary (M. Div., 2002). She currently serves as Advancement Associate at Lexington Theological Seminary after having spent 15 years as a middle and high school youth minister. She has participated as counselor, director, and/or featured speaker at a number of Disciples youth camps and conferences in Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky. Julie authors the blog Someone Stole My Coffee. She is the co-editor of It's Not All About You, a series of essays for and by young adults about what it means to engage in mission as a way of life, and the author of the 2014 Lenten devotional, Fellowship of Prayer. Forthcoming from Julie and Chalice Press in 2016 is Available Hope. Julie writes from her home in Louisville, Kentucky, where she lives with her daughter, Madeleine, and her rescued hound, Skye.