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DIY Media in the Classroom

New Literacies Across Content Areas

Barbara Guzzetti Kate Elliott Diana Welsch Celia Genishi Donna E. Alvermann

Teachers College Press
This book shows teachers how to bring students’ Do-It-Yourself media practices into the classroom (Grades 6–12). In one accessible resource, the authors explain DIY media, identify their appealing features for content area instruction, and describe the literacy skills and strategies they promote. To help you successfully use DIY media in your classroom, this book: Addresses both print-based and digital DIY media. Provides teaching strategies for using DIY media across the curriculum, including English/language arts, math, social studies, science, art, and music. Offers multiple perspectives, including a classroom teacher who reflects on her own challenges and successes with DIY media in a high school class. Links to a blog for teacher study groups and frequent updates on adolescent media practices: adolescentsdiy.blogspot.com.
Author Bio
Barbara Guzzetti is a Professor in the division of Learning, Technology and Psychology in the Mary Lou Fulton Research Institute and Graduate School of Education at Arizona State University. Kate Elliott is a graduate student in nonprofit studies at Arizona State University. Diana Welsch is a Library Assistant in a large urban public library where she develops and implements art, music, and gaming programs for teens.