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Becoming an Antiracist School Leader

Dare to Be Real

208 pages
Teachers College Press

Eradicating systemic racism in our schools requires a systemic response. This book describes an adaptive framework that includes ten tenets for developing structural and curricular antiracist leadership. In three parts, school leaders are asked to: Know Themselves through self-reflection and racial autobiography; Distinguish Knowledge From Foolishness through critical race ethnography and an exploration of racial identity development; and Build for Eternity by using a model for student-centered antiracist leadership development. Providing a combination of scholarly and practical examples, readers will learn how to foster academic success, cultural proficiency, and critical consciousness in all learners. The text features a comprehensive, three-year critical ethnographic study of a Midwestern high school and its ups and downs with antiracist leadership. This resource offers both a vision and everyday guidance to any educator committed to an antiracist democracy, educational love, student empowerment, leadership development, liberatory teaching and learning, and racial equity.

Book Features:

  • Introduces a ten-point model for antiracist leadership development with practical applications for the leaders of systems, schools, and student groups.
  • Describes an adaptive framework for approaching antiracist school leadership through reflective racial autobiography, critical ethnographic research, and student-centered leadership development.
  • Examines a high school attempting to enact antiracist leadership, including analysis of the environment through a critical race theory lens and a breakdown of interviews with 30 leaders through the lens of their racial identity development.
  • Contains ten personal narratives from a diverse group of antiracist leaders who detail a rich tapestry of a high-functioning school district in St. Louis Park, MN.
Author Bio

Patrick A. Duffy is the director of teaching, learning, and leadership in the St. Louis Park Public Schools and an adjunct professor in educational leadership at the University of Minnesota. Patrick is an Arab American.