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Art Education for a Sustainable Planet

Embracing Ecopedagogy in K–12 Classrooms

208 pages
Teachers College Press

Explore how art education can contribute to a more just and sustainable planet. Making the case that ecopedagogy and eco-art can transform and enrich art education, Bertling introduces these two burgeoning movements and then outlines how they can be infused into K–12 art education. Seven innovative curricular strands are presented to help art teachers embrace natural cycles and processes, envision alternative states and ways of being, restore ecosystems, and empower communities. These strands weave together specific contemporary eco-artworks, cultural and environmental philosophies, and art education methods. Reflective questions, innovative curriculum frameworks, and other resources are provided to support teachers in enacting these inspiring curricular ideas for better social and ecological futures. Curricular themes include attentiveness, relationality, co-creation, consumption, progress, cultural desire, identity stories, restoration, and coalitions. This accessible, full-color text is the first of its kind to provide practical guidance and concrete strategies for educators interested in enacting ecological art instruction.

Book Features:

  • A foundational resource for using art education to foster environmental health and ecological integrity.
  • Guidance for developing art curriculum to meet different ecopedagogical goals.
  • Many color images of contemporary eco-artworks.
  • Curriculum framework tables and reflective questions at the end of each chapter.
  • A comprehensive glossary and list of contemporary eco-artists and their websites.
Author Bio

Joy G. Bertling is an assistant professor and team leader of art education at the University of Tennessee. She currently serves as founding chair of the National Art Education Association’s Ecology and Environment Special Interest Group and chair of the American Educational Research Association’s Arts and Learning Special Interest Group.