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Building Culturally Responsive Partnerships Among Schools, Families, and Communities

256 pages
Teachers College Press

Learn how to create culturally responsive, socially just school–family partnerships that positively impact student learning outcomes. Responding to the current rise in White supremacy in America, a surge in hate crimes against BIPOC students and families, and the gaping digital divide exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this book addresses the need for educators and schools to develop competency in working with diverse families and their communities. Chapters address misconceptions of school personnel that often result in microaggressions and miscommunications that impede fully including families in the education of their children. Exploring a wide range of sociocultural issues present in today’s schools, readers will learn how to better work with military families during deployment, students with disabilities, families with various living arrangements, immigrant families, and religiously diverse students. The text features engaging, real-life scenarios and research-based practices designed to improve the academic success of all pre-K–12 learners.

Book Features:

  • Innovative models for creating culturally responsive family and community engagement initiatives that focus on student success.
  • Reflective questions to facilitate discussions in various professional development venues, including schools, university programs for teachers and administrators, and community organizations.
  • Concrete examples of successful partnerships involving public schools, a higher education institution, and a public city library.
  • An extensive list of resources for building better educational programs and communities.
Author Bio

Maria A. Pacino, a former K–12 teacher in Indiana, was a department chair in the School of Education and is currently the interim head of university libraries at Azusa Pacific University. Susan R. Warren, an experienced educator with 40 years of teaching and administration in higher education and pre-K–12 organizations, is a senior research and evaluation associate with the Claremont Evaluation Center, Claremont, CA.