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Unsettling Settler-Colonial Education

The Transformational Indigenous Praxis Model

Cornel Pewewardy Anna Lees Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah Minthorn Tiffany S. Lee Michael Yellow Bird James A. Banks

240 pages
Teachers College Press

This book presents the Transformational Indigenous Praxis Model (TIPM), an innovative framework for promoting critical consciousness toward decolonization efforts among educators. The TIPM challenges readers to examine how even the most well-intentioned educators are complicit in reproducing ethnic stereotypes, racist actions, deficit-based ideology, and recolonization. Drawing from decades of collaboration with teachers and school leaders serving Indigenous children and communities, this volume will help educators better support the development of their students’ critical thinking skills. Representing a holistic balance, the text is organized in four sections: Birth–Grade 12 and Community Education, Teacher Education, Higher Education, and Educational Leadership. Unsettling Settler-Colonial Education centers the needs of teachers, children, families, and communities that are currently engaged in public education and who deserve an improved experience today, while also committing to more positive Indigenous futurities.

Book Features:

  • Introduces the TIPM as a structure that supports educators in decolonizing and indigenizing their practices.
  • Provides examples of how pathway-making across a variety of settings takes shape on the TIPM continuum.
  • Highlights a diverse group of authors who are making major contributions to the transformation agendas of Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing.
  • Includes a brief summary of the TIPM dimensions with examples of the challenges that educators face as they expand their critical consciousness toward decolonization.
  • Follows Native oral traditions by sharing lessons, research, and personal lived experience.
  • Identifies the deficit-based ideological underpinnings that frame Indigenous students’ school experiences.
  • Employs a metaphor of wave jumping to illustrate how educators working to decolonize their practice can gain forward momentum with time and energy even while facing resistance.
  • Provides a methodology to promote healing and cultural restoration of Indigenous peoples.
Author Bio

Cornel Pewewardy (Comanche/Kiowa) is the vice-chairman of the Comanche Nation and professor emeritus, Indigenous Nations Studies, at Portland State University. He received the 2022 NIEA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Anna Lees (Waganakasing Odawa, descendant) is an associate professor of early childhood education at Western Washington University.

Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah Minthorn (Kiowa/Apache/Nez Perce/Umatilla/Assiniboine) is an associate professor and director of educational leadership and Indigenous education initiatives at the University of Washington Tacoma. She received the 2022 AERA Exemplary Contributions to Practice-Engaged Research Award.