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Administration and Supervision of Literacy Programs

Shelley B. Wepner Diana J. Quatroche Jack Cassidy

Teachers College Press

This popular book addresses literacy leaders’ eternal quest to prepare all students for the demands of the 21st century. This updated Sixth Edition will help prospective and current literacy professionals understand how to organize and supervise literacy programs within the context of current state and federal mandates. With a focus on providing instruction at all grade levels and for different types of learners, the book explores specific program elements related to materials selection, teacher evaluation, professional development, student assessment, writing, technology, school- and districtwide evaluation, and parent and community outreach. Expert authors provide new insights about what administrators and teachers should know and be able to do given the expanded definition of literacy, a renewed interest in the science of reading, and a deep concern for closing the achievement gap that has become more prevalent across the nation. This user-friendly text includes examples, observations, research, and specific guidelines for improving programs in relation to current requirements and future expectations.

Book Features:

  • The most comprehensive resource on the oversight of preK–12 literacy programs.
  • Guidance to help specialized literacy professionals meet today’s mandates for teachers and students.
  • Chapters written by experts with years of experience working with their topic in schools.
  • Real-life examples and vignettes demonstrate how theories can be applied to practice.
  • Reflective questions and project assignments help make ideas relevant to a reader’s unique situation.
  • Connections across chapters and directions for future considerations help summarize and synthesize the information across the entire book.
Author Bio

Shelley B. Wepner is dean and professor of education in the Manhattanville College School of Education. Diana J. Quatroche is professor emerita in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Indiana State University.