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Designing and Delivering Effective Online Instruction

How to Engage Adult Learners

Linda Dale Bloomberg

256 pages
Teachers College Press

The Spring of 2020 saw educational institutions around the world abruptly convert to online teaching formats. While this transition may be unfamiliar—and even uncomfortable—the skills and techniques needed to engage and empower online learners can be learned and mastered to serve the current and ever-expanding need. This indispensable resource focuses on combining multimodal teaching strategies with innovative technology to help adult learners engage more meaningfully. The book distills decades of research in adult learning and education to provide evidence-based strategies that directly and practically apply to online environments. The author identifies five core areas for focus: principles of adult learning, engagement through presence, diversity and inclusion, community building, and enhancing learner empowerment; thereby demonstrating how to prepare for the online learning environment, design and deliver engaging course content, and effectively evaluate the learning experience.

Book Features:

  • A holistic approach that addresses and integrates every key dynamic to ensure the design, development, and delivery of optimal online learning experiences.
  • Appropriate for instructors and course designers as they manage blended or fully online teaching models.
  • Content is readily applicable across disciplines and institutional types.
  • Grounded firmly in research, theory, and best practices related to social presence, engagement, inclusive pedagogy, Understanding by Design (UBD), Universal Design for Learning (UDL), reflective practice, and principles of adult learning and development.
  • Comprehensive checklists provide overviews of key action items and associated steps involved in course design, development, and delivery.
  • Reflection is a cornerstone of deep learning, and reflective questions are included in each chapter.
Author Bio

Linda Dale Bloomberg has published extensively on online pedagogy, serves on online teaching advisory boards, and holds the positions of associate director of faculty support and development and full professor in the School of Education at National University. She is committed to developing materials that will ensure teaching excellence in the online environment. Read her posts on the TC Press blog: https://www.tcpress.com/blog/