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When Getting Along Is Not Enough

Reconstructing Race in Our Lives and Relationships

Maureen Walker

168 pages
Teachers College Press

Now more than ever, race has become a morphing relational dynamic that has less to do with the demographic census box we check and more with how we make sense of our lives—who we are and who we can become in relationships with others. Using anecdotes from her practice as a licensed psychologist and as an African American growing up in the South, Walker provides a way for educators and social service professionals to enter into cross-racial discussions about race and race relations. She identifies three essential relational skills for personal transformation and cultural healing that are the foundations for repairing the damage wrought by racism. While Walker does not sugarcoat the destructive history of racism that we all inherit in the United States, the book’s vision is ultimately affirming, empowering, hopeful, and inclusive about the individual and collective power to heal our divisions and disconnections.

Book Features:

  • Presents a new way of understanding race as a relational dynamic and racism as a symptom of disconnection.
  • Synthesizes, for the first time, two important systems of thought: relational-cultural theory and race/social identity theory.
  • Includes “Pause to Reflect” exercises designed to stimulate group conversations in book clubs, social justice groups, staff development, classrooms, and workplace training.
  • Offers practical, everyday solutions for people of different races to better understand and accept one another.
Author Bio

Maureen Walker is a licensed psychologist, speaker, educator, and writer who helps people bridge cultural differences such as race, religion, gender, and other social status markers.