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The Scandal of Standardized Tests

Why We Need to Drop the SAT and ACT

Joseph A. Soares

224 pages
Teachers College Press
This update to SAT Wars provides new evidence in the case against standardized college entry tests, including the experiences of test-optional colleges. The Scandal of Standardized Tests sheds significant light on key problems such as: Are the tests stronger proxies for race and family income today than they were 20 years ago? Does going test-optional promote racial and economic diversity? Are there any differences in academic records between students admitted without test scores and those with them? How does testing figure into race-sensitive admissions legal controversies? Why is the College Board’s “environmental dashboard” inadequate as a way to create a fair playing field? How are the odds of attending and graduating from college stacked against low-income youths and racial minorities? What does the FBI Varsity Blues sting tell us about college admissions in America? Book Features: Provides 25 years of data on California showing how the correlation of test scores with race has grown over time while their predictive powers have declined. Shows how the disparate results of SAT/ACT scores by race provide grounds for a constitutional challenge to the use of those tests. Provides an overview of our current national situation regarding college applications, attendance, and graduation rates according to family income and college major. Offers a devastating critique of the College Board’s “adversity index.” Includes a national balance sheet on the experiences of test-optional colleges.
Author Bio
Joseph A. Soares is chair and professor of sociology at Wake Forest University.