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Collaborative Lesson Study

ReVisioning Teacher Professional Development

Vicki S. Collet Ellin Oliver Keene

176 pages
Teachers College Press

Discover how Lesson Study benefits both students and teachers. Unlike scripted curricula that strip teachers of professional decisionmaking, Lesson Study values teachers by expecting them to be agents of improvement in their own classrooms. This resource empowers readers to oppose reform efforts that minimize teacher agency by offering an evidence-based approach to teacher-led instructional improvement. The text provides structures for attending to students’ interests, knowledge, and values when planning, teaching, reflecting, and revising instruction. It also shows educators how to use Lesson Study to design culturally responsive, differentiated instruction for the K–12 classroom. Use this step-by-step guide to develop professional learning communities; increase teacher motivation, efficacy, and knowledge; and support improvement adapted to local contexts.

Book Features:

  • Guides readers through three cycles of Lesson Study, taking teacher learning deeper with each cycle.
  • Focuses on developing student understanding that supports meaningful instruction across academic areas.
  • Emphasizes the utility of Lesson Study for informing culturally responsive instruction.
  • Offers examples from a variety of grade-levels and content areas, featuring both pre- and inservice teachers.
  • Includes additional resources and prompts in each chapter to guide application.
Author Bio

Vicki S. Collet is an associate professor in the department of curriculum and instruction at the University of Arkansas. Prior to becoming a teacher educator, she worked as a district curriculum coordinator, instructional coach, interventionist, and elementary and secondary classroom teacher.