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Autobiography on the Spectrum

Disrupting the Autism Narrative

Beth A. Myers Marilyn Cochran-Smith Susan L. Lytle

128 pages
Teachers College Press
Autobiography on the Spectrum challenges prevailing notions about autism by offering a critically unconventional perspective—the viewpoint of adolescents who are themselves on the spectrum. Examining a year-long inquiry, Myers highlights the autobiographical works of the students through writing, photography, poetry, art, and more. She argues that autistic youth are not being accurately depicted in current research, not because they are unable to represent their own experiences but because their experiences are not always valued. In contrast, this book explores how autistic youth can (and do) represent themselves and shows educators how to create a space for the voices of these students. Offering a deep look into a world that is rarely seen, Autobiography on the Spectrum is a critical resource for teacher preparation and professional learning in any field that interacts with individuals with autism or other disabilities. Book Features: Introduces alternative views of autism derived from first-person perspectives. Offers a critical disability focus that is accessible to classroom teachers. Describes how to support adolescents in building their own representations of their lives. Explains how deficit constructions marginalize individuals both in and out of school. Demonstrates that students with autism, when given opportunities and support, display capabilities that often go unnoticed.
Author Bio
Beth A. Myers is an assistant professor and director of the Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education at Syracuse University.