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Reclaiming Accountability in Teacher Education

Marilyn Cochran-Smith Molly Cummings Carney Elizabeth Stringer Keefe Stephani Burton Wen-Chia Chang M. Beatriz Fernández Andrew F. Miller Juan Gabriel Sánchez Megina Baker

240 pages
Teachers College Press
Winner of the 2019 Society of Professors of Education Outstanding Book Award Winner of 2018 AESA Critic’s Choice Award Teacher accountability has been a major strategy for “fixing” education for the last 2 decades. In this book, Cochran-Smith and her research team argue that it is time for teacher educators to reclaim accountability by adopting a new approach that features intelligent professional responsibility, challenges the structures and processes that reproduce inequity, and sustains multi-layered collaboration with diverse communities. The authors analyze and critique major accountability initiatives, including Department of Education regulations, CAEP accreditation procedures, NCTQ teacher preparation reviews, and edTPA, and expose the lack of evidence behind these policies, as well as the negative impact they are having on teacher education. However, the book does not conclude that accountability is the wrong direction for the next generation of teacher education. Instead, the authors offer a clear and achievable vision of accountability for teacher education based on a commitment to equity and democracy. Book Features: Proposes a new approach to reclaim accountability: democratic accountability in teacher education. Offers a historical overview of accountability in the era of education reform. Embraces accountability and reconstructs its targets, purposes, and consequences in keeping with the larger democratic project. Introduces an accessible framework for investigating dimensions of accountability policy and practice. Deconstructs four of the most visible education reform initiatives relevant to teacher educators and education stakeholders.
Author Bio
Marilyn Cochran-Smith holds the Cawthorne Chair in Teacher Education for Urban Schools at the Lynch School of Education, Boston College. Molly Cummings Carney is a doctoral student at Boston College. Elizabeth Stringer Keefe is a teacher educator and faculty coordinator of Graduate Studies in Autism at Lesley University. Stephani Burton is a doctoral candidate at Boston College. Wen-Chia Chang is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment at Boston College. M. Beatriz Fernández is a faculty researcher and director of a teacher preparation program at Alberto Hurtado University in Chile. Andrew F. Miller is the director of academics for the Archdiocese of Boston Catholic Schools Office. Juan Gabriel Sánchez is a doctoral candidate at Boston College. Megina Baker is a researcher on the Pedagogy of Play project at Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero.