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Accelerating Literacy for Diverse Learners

Classroom Strategies That Integrate Social/Emotional Engagement and Academic Achievement, K–8

Socorro G. Herrera Shabina K. Kavimandan Della R. Perez Stephanie Wessels Ester J. de Jong

224 pages
Teachers College Press

Research indicates that the culturally responsive teaching strategies outlined in this book accelerate literacy, language development, and academic growth for students in grades K–8, particularly for English language learners. Completely revised and updated, this bestselling resource speaks to the social-emotional needs of learners and helps teachers support each child’s development of a positive self-concept. The authors present best practices, aligned with reading and content standards, and tools for developing academic talk and instructional conversations in the classroom. Special emphasis is placed on using student culture and language as a means for promoting meaningful relationships among communities of learners. The text includes tips for using the strategies for parental involvement, gathering knowledge of the student's background, and promoting social-emotional learning. A companion website provides new video of the strategies being used in classrooms.

Book Features:

  • Connections to ELP standards and skills with emphasis on processes that foster reading, writing, and comprehension skills.
  • Guidance to help teachers move beyond static grouping structures and instead utilize responsive opportunities for collaboration and instructional conversations to introduce, rehearse, and review content.
  • Technology connections that help teachers maximize the strategies as systematic learning tools for students.
  • Detailed steps and instructional tips for strategy implementation.
  • Access to teacher-in-action video clips that demonstrate key strategies in practice.
Author Bio

Socorro G. Herrera is a national and international consultant and a professor and executive director of the Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy (CIMA) in the College of Education, Kansas State University. She received the 2022 AERA Division K Legacy Award. Shabina K. Kavimandan is a national presenter, a literacy/ESL coach, and a project manager and instructor in the College of Education, Kansas State University. Della R. Perez is an assistant professor in the College of Education, Kansas State University. Stephanie Wessels is an associate professor in the College of Education and Human Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.