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"They're All Writers"

Teaching Peer Tutoring in the Elementary Writing Center

Jennifer Sanders Rebecca L. Damron

176 pages
Teachers College Press
“They're All Writers” will help teachers explore the power of writing centers. In elementary school classrooms across the country, writing instruction (not grammar worksheets or spelling drills) is still the neglected “R.” In this book, classroom teachers will find foundational information about the writing process with everything they need to begin and facilitate a peer tutoring writing center. Student-led writing centers harness the social and instructional power of students working and learning together, and this book includes specific lessons to teach students how to be effective peer tutors and how to be better writers. Book Features: A new, research-based approach to writing pedagogy that integrates both writing process theories and writing center pedagogies. Complete lesson plans to help teachers implement a writing center curriculum that meets Common Core and other quality standards. An approach that harnesses the power of social learning, develops students as leaders in their schools, and facilitates generative conversations around writing.
Author Bio
Jennifer Sanders is an associate professor of literacy education at Oklahoma State University. Rebecca L. Damron is a former associate professor of English and writing center director at Oklahoma State University.