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Creativity and the Autistic Student

Supporting Strengths to Develop Skills and Deepen Knowledge

Carrie C. Snow

144 pages
Teachers College Press
Using creativity as a lens to explore the meaningful learning experiences of autistic youth, Carrie Snow evaluates and challenges common conceptions about autism and offers a strengths-based demonstration of the many ways that autistic people express creativity and imagination. She then identifies key qualities of education that are commonly cited by autistic people to be significant to the development of fulfilling lives, healthy identities, promising careers and vocations, and creativity in general. This important resource shows how educators can support autistic K–12 students in public, private, and inclusive as well as specialized schools. Creativity and the Autistic Student advances the idea that autistic people offer valuable skills and abilities that can strengthen communities, within school and beyond. Book Features: First-person narratives by autistic people that challenge the prevailing medical model. A strengths-based perspective that highlights the resourceful, novel, relevant ways that autistic people navigate their lives. A focus on the importance of cultivating what creativity scholars term “everyday creativity” in autistic youth. Strategies for inclusive curricular and instructional ideas, adaptations, and structures. Visions for a future that invites and thrives on the creative contributions of neurodiverse citizens.
Author Bio
Carrie C. Snow is an independent scholar with 15 years of experience in the field of special education, including tutoring, mentoring, classroom teaching, educational research, student teaching supervision, and teacher education.