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Common Core Dilemma--Who Owns Our Schools?

Mercedes K. Schneider Carol Burris

264 pages
Teachers College Press
In her new book, bestselling author Mercedes Schneider provides little-known details about the history of the Common Core State Standards. She lifts the veil on the development of the Common Core, the individuals present in the back room, the push to copyright it so that test-makers could profit, and the urgency for governors to sign commitments before the standards were even completed. CCSS is publicized as being a state-led, teacher-developed approach guaranteed to ensure that all students are college- and career-ready. By the end of this eye-opening book, readers will come to understand the CCSS and its attendant assessments as something very different. Common Core Dilemma will appeal to readers across the political spectrum who want to better understand the role of corporations, nonprofits, big donors with strings attached, and the federal government in exercising control in our schools. It is essential reading for courses on education and government, and education and special interests.
Author Bio
Mercedes K. Schneider is a secondary school teacher in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, an education blogger, author of A Chronicle of Echoes: Who's Who in the Implosion of American Public Education, and holds advanced degrees in education and statistics. Visit her blog at deutsch29.wordpress.com.