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Art-Centered Learning Across the Curriculum

Integrating Contemporary Art in the Secondary School Classroom

Julia Marshall David M. Donahue Lois Hetland

208 pages
Teachers College Press
This volume provides teachers with a fresh framework for implementing inquiry-based, substantive art integration across the curriculum, along with the background knowledge and models needed to do this. Drawing on ideas from Harvard Project Zero, the authors make a clear and compelling argument for how contemporary art supports student learning. Subject-specific chapters co-written by teaching scholars include examples of contemporary art with explanations of how these works explore the fundamental concepts of the academic discipline. Concluding with a chapter on an integrated, inquiry-based curriculum inspired by contemporary art, the authors include guidelines for developing art projects teachers can adapt to their students’ interests and needs. This resource is appropriate for art teachers, as well as subject-area teachers who are not familiar with using contemporary art in the classroom. Book Features: A model of interdisciplinary curriculum development to integrate art in a substantive, multidimensional way. Many examples of contemporary art, along with information on the artists and their work. Guidance for supporting students in becoming the critical, creative, and self-regulating thinkers described in new Common Core Standards. A free online supplement for meeting CCSS in English Language Arts with contemporary art.
Author Bio
Julia Marshall is a professor of art education at San Francisco State University. David M. Donahue is professor of education and associate provost at Mills College, Oakland, California, and co-editor of Artful Teaching: Integrating the Arts for Understanding Across the Curriculum.