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Schooling Hip-Hop

Expanding Hip-Hop Based Education Across the Curriculum

Marc Lamont Hill Emery Petchauer

192 pages
Teachers College Press
This book brings together veteran and emerging scholars from a variety of fields to chart new territory for hip-hop based education. Looking beyond rap music and the English language arts classroom, innovative chapters unpack the theory and practice of hip-hop based education in science, social studies, college composition, teacher education, and other fields. Authors consider not only the curricular aspects of hip-hop but also how its deeper aesthetics such as improvisational freestyling and competitive battling can shape teaching and learning in both secondary and higher education classrooms. Schooling Hip-Hop will spark new and creative uses of hip-hop culture in a variety of educational settings.
Author Bio
Marc Lamont Hill is an associate professor of English education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and the author of the award-winning Beats, Rhymes, and Classroom Life. Emery Petchauer is an assistant professor of urban education in the Teacher Development and Educational Studies Department at Oakland University, and the author of Hip-Hop Culture in College Students’ Lives.