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Creating Solidarity Across Diverse Communities

International Perspectives in Education

Christine E. Sleeter Encarnacion Soriano

240 pages
Teachers College Press
In this unique and timely volume, experts from around the globe come together to examine what solidarity in multicultural societies means and how it might be built. With a variety of analytical perspectives and findings, the authors present original research conducted in the United States, New Zealand, Spain, France, Chile, Mexico, and India. Educators will recognize similarities between the issues raised by the authors with those they face in their own places of work, helping them to better understand conflicts about diversity and take steps toward building solidarity in their own schools and communities. Demonstrating the commonality of purpose across the globe to connect schools and teachers with the communities they serve, this book offers avenues for bringing diverse understandings together to bridge antagonism and fear.
Author Bio
Christine E. Sleeter is professor emerita at the College of Professional Studies, California State University, Monterey Bay, and president of the National Association for Multicultural Education. Her recent books include Teaching with Vision (edited with Catherine Cornbleth). Encarnación Soriano is professor of research methods in education at the University of Almería, Spain.