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Black School White School

Racism and Educational (Mis) Leadership

Jeffrey S. Brooks

176 pages
Teachers College Press

How do race and race relations influence leadership practice and the education of students? In this timely and provocative book, the author identifies cultural and unstated norms and beliefs around race and race relations, and explores how these dynamics influence the kind of education students receive. Drawing on findings from extensive observations, interviews, and documents, the author reveals that many decisions that should have been based on pedagogy (or what is best for students) were instead inspired by conscious and unconscious racist assumptions, discrimination, and stereotypes. With applicable implications and lessons for all, this book will help schools and leadership programs to take the next step in addressing longstanding and deeply entrenched inequity and inequality in schools.

Book Features:

  • An in-depth portrait of a high school serving predominantly African American students that reveals how racism influences educational leadership.
  • Research-based strategies to help principals and teachers recognize and then address the “invisible” racism in their practices.
  • A conversation with educational scholar Bill Ayers about key themes of racism in education and society.
Author Bio

Jeffrey S. Brooks is associate professor and program coordinator of Educational Administration at Iowa State University, and editor of the Journal of School Leadership.