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A Call to Creativity

Writing, Reading, and Inspiring Students in an Age of Standardization

Luke Reynolds Celia Genishi Donna E. Alvermann

120 pages
Teachers College Press
In this age of standardization, many English teachers are unsure about how to incorporate creative writing and thinking into their classroom. In a fresh new voice, Luke Reynolds emphasizes that “creativity in our lives as teachers and in the lives of our students is one of our most vital needs in the 21st century.” Based on his own journey as an English teacher, A Call to Creativity is a practical guide that shows teachers how they can encourage and support students’ creativity in the English/language arts classroom. The book offers both the inspiration and practical steps teachers need to engage their students through a variety of hands-on projects and worksheets that can be used immediately to insert creativity into any standards-based curriculum. Book Features: Adaptable projects tested in diverse school environments. Guiding questions at the end of each chapter. Lesson plans for creative writing assignments. Over 30 pages of worksheets and sample assignments.
Author Bio
Luke Reynolds has taught 7th- through 12th-grade English in Massachusetts and Connecticut public schools, as well as composition at Northern Arizona University. He is co-editor of the bestselling book Burned In: Fueling the Fire to Teach. Visit the author’s website at www.lukewreynolds.com