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On Mixed Methods

Approaches to Language and Literacy Research

Robert Calfee Melanie Sperling

128 pages
Teachers College Press
This book examines the use of mixed methods for conducting language and literacy research and defines how and why this approach is successful for solving problems and clarifying issues that researchers encounter. Using research findings, the authors explore how an intermingling of multiple methods expands the possibilities of observation and interpretation and, ultimately leading to a more robust validity and deeper understanding. Mixed methods approaches address the challenges of our contemporary language and literacy environment, with its increasing student diversity and technological advances. This new volume in the NCRLL Collection: Builds bridges between quantitative and qualitative research, highlighting the conceptual similarities and offering a practical guide to researchers. Presents multiple examples of key concepts and offers an annotated list of studies for further reading. Emphasizes the importance of validity in the ever-changing environments in which researchers work.
Author Bio
Robert Calfee is professor of education emeritus at the School of Education, Stanford University. Melanie Sperling is professor of education at the University of California at Riverside.