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The View from the Little Chair in the Corner

Improving Teacher Practice and Early Childhood Learning (Wisdom from an Experienced Classroom Observer)

Cindy Rzasa Bess Sharon Ryan

168 pages
Teachers College Press
This is a down-to-earth, heart-to-heart book about what it takes to be an exceptional early childhood teacher. The author uses her experience as a classroom observer and a developmental psychologist to create a rationale for best practice—the reasoning behind the best (worst, and average) classroom practice. Cindy Rzasa Bess examines a variety of classroom scenarios and describes how teaching was done well or how it could be done better. She clearly illustrates how simple changes and heart-felt efforts can have outstanding results. This informative book will appeal to readers on a personal level and instill in them the need to fully understand their important roles in a child’s life. Book Features: A brief overview of the stages of early childhood development. Detailed descriptions of high-quality early childhood education settings and materials. Strategies for engaging children in center-based learning. Descriptions of effective communications styles and teaching approaches. Examples of the importance of humor when teaching young children.
Author Bio
Cindy Rzasa Bess is a developmental psychologist, an education consultant, and a lecturer who conducts workshops throughout the northeastern United States. She was a Trainer of Trainers in the ECERS-R ( Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale–Revised) for the State Department of Education in Connecticut.