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Best Practices from High-Performing Middle Schools

How Successful Schools Remove Obstacles and Create Pathways to Learning

Kristen Campbell Wilcox Janet I. Angelis

112 pages
Teachers College Press
Why is it that many students’ performance tends to drop in the middle school years, and what can we do about it? This book tells the stories of educators who embody best practices in their day-to-day activities—practices that consistently lead to higher student academic achievement. The authors share what they have learned about how some middle schools consistently foster better academic performance than other similar schools. These schools have learned to successfully adapt to the climate of accountability while practicing the essentials of effective middle-level education. Best Practices from High-Performing Middle Schools is essential reading for everyone who cares about adolescents and wants to ensure their success in later schooling and in life. Teachers and administrators will find research-based practices that they can adapt to their own unique contexts. Parents, policymakers, and community members will better understand how they can contribute to the improvement of their middle schools. Book Features: Identifies 5 key elements or “best practices” that were present in high-performing middle schools. Includes a self-assessment tool for each best practice to help educators identify where their school’s or district’s efforts fall along these five key elements. Presents key research that speaks to communities striving to serve large numbers of children from low-income families.
Author Bio
Kristen C. Wilcox is a visiting assistant professor at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Janet I. Angelis is associate director of the Albany Institute for Research in Education (AIRE), University at Albany, State University of New York.