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"You Won't Remember Me"

The Schoolboys of Barbiana Speak to Today

Marvin Hoffman Herbert Kohl Rick Ayers

120 pages
Teachers College Press
In this new volume in the Between Teacher and Text Series, Marvin Hoffman provides a contemporary interpretation of a classic text for education reformers around the world. Published in 1967, Letter to a Teacher by the Schoolboys of Barbiana was a searing indictment of class bias in Italian schools. When the English translation was released in 1970, its ideas about education and socioeconomic class influenced an entire generation of American educators. Featuring most of the original text coupled with Hoffman’s insightful commentary, “You Won’t Remember Me” provides an alternative vision of how today’s public schools can provide a quality education for all children. Alongside the enduring voices of the Schoolboys of Barbiana, Hoffman addresses the purposes of education, the insidious effects of race and class, and what can and should be done to help students rise above social impediments to learning.
Author Bio
Marvin Hoffman is the founding director of the North Kenwood Oakland Charter School in Chicago and associate director of the Urban Teacher Education Program at the University of Chicago.