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"What About Rose?" Using Teacher Research to Reverse School Failure

Smokey Wilson Susan L. Lytle Marilyn Cochran-Smith

216 pages
Teachers College Press
Every year, thousands of urban minority students enter college academically underprepared to meet the challenges that await them. In this book, Smokey Wilson shares her 30-year-long search for better instructional strategies to help these adult learners (many of them African Americans) develop the basic literacy skills needed to succeed in college. Through detailed portraits of students in an urban community college, Wilson shows us when learning happens, why it happens, and what happens when it fails to appear. The text features “A Guide to Classroom Research for Teachers” that outlines the five stages of research and contains exercises to help jumpstart teachers who are tentative about doing research.
Author Bio
Smokey Wilson has been working with academically inexperienced adult learners throughout her career as instructor at Laney College, an inner-city community college in Oakland, California; as director of the Tutorial Center for the campus; as co-founder and co-coordinator of the basic skills learning community known as Project Bridge; and as founder and coordinator of an ASL/English bilingual/bicultural program called Deaf College Access Network (DeafCAN).