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Closing the African American Achievement Gap in Higher Education

Alfred P. Rovai Louis B. Gallien Jr. Helen R. Stiff-Williams

224 pages
Teachers College Press
This timely volume brings together a roster of experienced educators and researchers to address the African American achievement gap in higher education. The text provides an overview of recent research on the learning characteristics of African American university students and uses those findings to identify major issues and to foster new and productive inquiry and educational activities. Encompassing both traditional and virtual classrooms, the authors provide research-based strategies that higher-education faculty can use to design courses, pedagogy, and assessments that reach out to all learners in a fair and equitable manner. To help universities close the achievement gap, this book: Describes how African American, hip-hop, and school cultures influence learning and achievement. Identifies racial challenges and offers practical strategies for creating and teaching culturally responsive traditional and online courses. Includes sample lessons and assessment resources that implement many of the strategies described in the book.
Author Bio
Alfred P. Rovai is professor of education at Regent University, Louis B. Gallien Jr. is distinguished professor of education at Regent University, and Helen R. Stiff-Williams is an African American scholar and professor of education at Regent University.