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Social Studies for Social Justice

Teaching Strategies for the Elementary Classroom

Rahima C. Wade William Ayers Therese Quinn

144 pages
Teachers College Press
Dedication to social justice teaching is important; yet putting one’s ideals into practice in American schools is a challenging task. This book goes beyond theory and idealism to fully explore the value and impact of implementing social action and social justice activities in the elementary school classroom. Informed by the experiences of more than forty teachers across the country, this thoughtful resource: Examines how elementary teachers, from inner cities to rural towns, use the social studies curriculum to teach about and for social justice. Focuses on how teaching social studies for social justice relates to standardized testing, state curricula, and the local challenges teachers face. Offers classroom activities, “Reflection Exercises,” and “Teaching Ideas” to provide teachers with practical applications for the topics discussed. Includes a list of children’s literature books, curricular materials, and websites.
Author Bio
Rahima C. Wade is professor of elementary social studies in the Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education, at the University of Iowa. She was selected as the John Glenn Scholar for Service-Learning in Teacher Education.