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Science Education for Everyday Life

Evidence-Based Practice

Glen S. Aikenhead Richard A. Duschl

192 pages
Teachers College Press
This book provides a comprehensive overview of humanistic approaches to science— approaches that connect students to broader human concerns in their everyday life and culture. Glen Aikenhead, an expert in the field of culturally sensitive science education, summarizes major worldwide historical findings, focuses on present thinking, and offers evidence in support of classroom practice. This highly accessible text covers curriculum policy, teaching materials, teacher orientations and teacher education, student learning, culture studies, and future research. Featuring important alternative views on the teaching of science, this text: Describes an approach to teaching science (grades 6-12) that animates students’ self-identities, encouraging their future contributions to society as savvy citizens and productive workers. Addresses the tension between educationally sound ideas and the political realities of schools. Presents evidence-based challenges to traditional thinking about school science, illuminating many productive directions for future research.
Author Bio
Glen S. Aikenhead is a Professor of Education at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.