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Creating the Ethical School

A Book of Case Studies

Bongsoon Zubay Jonas F. Soltis

144 pages
Teachers College Press
Addressing the many ethical issues that arise daily in school, this volume is a hands-on guide for all K–12 practitioners, an excellent teaching tool for preparing future teachers, and an essential resource for anyone who wants to create a caring and supportive school environment. Features: Realistic, provocative, and ethically challenging case studies that can be adapted to both private and public school settings. A range of encounters educators are apt to experience, such as between teacher and teacher, teacher and student, parent and teacher, and parent and administrator. An array of ethical dilemmas and issues encountered at different grade levels on topics such as: racism, teasing, cheating, plagiarism, anorexia, free speech, violence, religion, and much more! Appendixes listing ethical standards for each member of the school community and overviews of student understandings of right and wrong, presented according to grade level.
Author Bio
Bongsoon Zubay was Director of the State University Urban Teacher Education Center in New York City and Jonas F. Soltis is Teachers College, Columbia University’s William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Philosophy and Education Emeritus and coauthor of The Ethics of Teaching and The Ethics of School Administration.