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Bad for Good

Graham Bartlett

Allison & Busby Ltd

The murder of a promising footballer, son of Brighton’s highest-ranking police officer, means Detective Superintendent Jo Howe has a complicated and sensitive case on her hands. The situation becomes yet more desperate following devastating blackmail threats.
Howe can trust no one as she tracks the brutal killer in a city balanced on a knife edge of vigilante action and a police force riven with corruption.

Author Bio
Graham Bartlett was a police officer for thirty years and is now a bestselling writer. He rose to become chief superintendent and the divisional commander of Brighton and Hove police. He entered the Sunday Times Top Ten with his first non-fiction book, Death Comes Knocking, which he later followed with Babes in the Wood. Both these books he co-wrote with international bestseller, Peter James. As well as writing, Bartlett is a police procedural and crime advisor helping scores of authors and TV writers achieve authenticity in their drama.