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We'll Meet Again

Mary Nichols

384 pages
Allison & Busby Ltd

1940. London is facing the full wrath of the blitz and amid the chaos Sheila Phipps is
orphaned after a devastating air raid claims her family and her home. She is evacuated to
Bletchley to live with her aunt Constance, where she forms an unlikely friendship with
Prudence Le Strange, who is working in the codebreaking unit at Bletchley.
As their friendship grows stronger, the war subjects Sheila and Prue to fresh tragedies as,
one by one, those they love are called away to distant battlefields, only to join the growing
ranks of the missing, the captured and the dead. As the war escalates, the two friends find
their lives increasingly complicated not only by the secrets of wartime but by those the
conflict has dredged up from the past.

Author Bio
Born in Singapore of a Dutch-South African father and an English mother, MARY NICHOLS came to England when she was three and spent most of her life in different parts of East Anglia. She had been a radiographer, school secretary, editor for one of the John Lewis Partnership house magazines and an information services manager for an open learning company, as well as a writer. From short stories and articles for a variety of newspapers and magazines, she turned to writing novels. Mary wrote historical romance for Mills & Boon as well as family sagas. She was also the author of The Mother of Necton, a biography of her grandmother, who was a midwife and nurse in a Norfolk village between the wars. Mary died in 2016.