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Doctors Who Kill

Carol Anne Davis

448 pages
Allison & Busby Ltd

From Beverley Allitt, the attention-seeking nurse who preyed on the children in her care, to the infamous Dr Harold Shipman, who was responsible for the deaths of at least 218 of his patients, history has been littered with examples of healers who have done anything but.
In a comprehensive study of violent crimes perpetrated by health care professionals, Davis offers valuable insights into 34 case studies involving doctors and nurses who have crossed the line from healer to killer. These in depth analyses include interviews with experts in the fields of mental health and criminology.

Author Bio
CAROL ANNE DAVIS was born in Dundee, moved to Edinburgh in her twenties and now lives in the south of England. She left school at fifteen and was everything from an artist`s model to an editorial assistant before going to university. Her MA degree included criminology and was followed by a postgraduate diploma in Adult and Community Education. She is an expert on true-crime and is the author of the bestselling '...Who Kill' series.