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Zoo Girl

Rebecca Elliott

32 pages
SPCK Group

Zoo Girl has no family. In the children's home, she feels lost and alone. On a trip to the zoo, she is accidentally left behind. But she soon receives a warm welcome from the animals and when the keepers find her snuggled in a cage they know they have found a daughter at last.

This striking picture book blends the appeal of animals and adventure with a heart-warming message that celebrates friends and family - making it a reassuring read to share with children feeling left out, and especially poignant for families facing a similar journey through adoption or fostering.

The minimal text - just one or two words per page - allows readers room to absorb the striking illustrations and delve into Zoo Girl's story, using their imagination to reveal a new interpretation of the tale each time it is read. The result is a memorable picture book with a lasting impact that works off the page as well as on.

Author Bio
Rebecca Elliott is an author-illustrator who has won several awards andbeen nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal. Her children, Toby, Clemmieand Benjy, often star in her books. Her website is www.rebeccaelliott.com