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Power Principles for Success

Brian Tracy Nick Nanton J. W. Dicks

288 pages
Celebrity Press
Power Principles for Success is a compilation of the thoughts of over 30 of America's PremierExperts. This book is loaded with practical, proven success principles you can use immediately to move ahead faster and achieve a life of greatness.
Author Bio
J. W. Dicks, Esq. and Nick Nanton, Esq., media and business development experts, founded America's PremierExperts to showcase entrepreneurs, CEOs, authors, professional speakers, and businesspeople who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.

Contributing authors to this book are Brian Tracy, Chuck Boyce, Lindsay Dicks, Dan Liebrecht, Tony Dietsch, Mitch Levin, MD, Clate Mask, MBA, David Hoines, Esq, LLM, Scott Schumann, DDS, Scott Martineau, Vesna Sutter, DDS, Darrin T. Mish, Esq., Donna Galante, DMD, Kimberly Moore, Ken Hardison, Esq., James K. Murphy, Esq., Michael McDevitt, Chuck Oliver, Brad Hess, Tyrell Gray, Richard Seppala, Lisa Peters-Seppala, DDS, Rutherford De Armas, Marco Kozlowski, Jennifer Burg, Michael Biancone, Scot Ferrell, Kimberly Morgan, William Umansky, Esq., Ben Glass, Esq., JW Dicks, Esq. and Nick Nanton, Esq.