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Utterly Brilliant!

My Life's Journey

Timmy Mallett

336 pages
SPCK Group

'A vivid, beautifully written and often moving book, skilfully dovetailing memoir, history, art and a cycling pilgrimage across Europe into a unique and uplifting whole. If you think you know who Timmy Mallett is, you're in for a rewarding surprise!' Proffesor Brain Cox

'A must read. This is a journey brimming with love and laughter that's also deeply moving. Timmy's glass isn't just half full, it's positively overflowing!' Lorraine Kelly

Timmy Mallett, host of Wacaday' has cheered millions of lives with his fantastic specs, vivacious personality and 'Utterly brilliant!' catchphrase.

In 2018 he certainly needed every bit of his natural exuberance: to honour his brother Martin, he cycled the El Camino de Santiago just as the 'Beast from the East' hit northern Europe.

Utterly Brilliant!: My Life's Journey is a moving autobiography of courage and determination in the face of heartache. With humour and honesty Timmy tells of his pilgrimage along a route travelled by so many over the centuries, weaving together history and personal stories in a hugely entertaining manner.

This is an autobiography that will be loved by Timmy's fans and enjoyed by those interested in discovering the human face behind a celebrity name, and those considering going on pilgrimage themselves. Full of heart and Timmy's characteristic charm, Utterly Brilliant will leave you uplifted and poignantly aware of how important it is to live every moment of every day.

Author Bio
Timmy Mallett ============= Timmy Mallett is a household name and is very active on Twitter, Instagram TickTok and FaceBook, with over 200k followers. He receives a lot of feedback from his fans, including those who appreciate his work as an artist, fellow cyclists, and people who grew up watching Wacaday. The volume will sit well in the popular, quirky category of books about Britain and Britishness.