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Self-supporting Ministry

A Practical Guide

John Lees

160 pages
SPCK Group

With their diverse skills and experience, self-supporting ministers are a gift to the Church. John Lees’ challenging volume celebrates the importance and dedication of volunteer clergy, offering practical guidance on their development and support, so SSMs may contribute creatively and strategically to the demands of a changing world.'
The Rt Revd Sarah Mullally DBE, Bishop of London

Self-supporting ministers are wonderfully non-standard. They are deployed in a wide variety ofways and have a range of motivations, working patterns and training needs. Sometimes underused or overworked, they may feel unrecognized and under-supported. As the Church turns increasingly to its volunteer minsters, however, there are encouraging signs that SSMs are being given more creative opportunities than in the past.

‘This handbook is full of sound common sense. . . [it] is both an encouragement and a challenge in the task of re-imaginingministry today.’
Robert Atwell, Bishop of Exeter

Author Bio

John Lees is Associate Priest in Holyford Mission Community in East Devon and Bishop’s Officer for Self-Supporting Ministry for the Diocese of Exeter. He has served for 12 years as an SSM, working as a parish priest but also as Assistant DDO for Chester, where he was co-leader of the Headway leadership programme. He was previously a Pastoral Tutor on the Northern Ordination Course.

John’s day job is working as a career coach. He writes, speaks and broadcasts extensively about work and careers. He is the author of 12 books on work and careers, including Secrets of Resilient People and the best-selling How to Get a Job You Love.