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Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe

New Revised Edition SET

1560 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This encyclopedia documents the presence and impact of nationalized cultural consciousness in European nationalism. It tracks how intellectuals, historians, philologists, novelists, poets, painters, folklorists, and composers, in an intensely collaborative transnational network, articulated the national identities and aspirations that would go on to determine European history and politics, with effects that are still felt today. This new revised edition includes more than 100 additional articles, including coverage of memory culture as an aspect of Romantic nationalism and improved coverage of various cultural communities such as Czech, Finnish and Hungarian.

Edited by Joep Leerssen, in cooperation with over 350 authors from dozens of countries, this encyclopedia gives a clear idea of the intricate (transnational and intermedial) networks and entanglements in which all aspects of Romantic Nationalism are connected.
Author Bio
Joep Leerssen holds the Chair of Modern European Literature at the University of Amsterdam. He is the author of many authoritative studies on the relations between literature, historical consciousness and nationalism.