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Our Nanotechnology Future

Joseph Natowitz Christian Ngô

244 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This book explores nanotechnology, a rapidly evolving and growing field with applications in a large number of areas. The concepts and physics are highlighted through topics such as nanoscience, quantum effects, nanostructures, and new forms of carbon. Applications and potential health and safety implications of nanomaterials are discussed for healthcare, food production, electronics, defence and more. Accessible and timely, this introduction to nanotechnology will interest students, teachers, politicians, and everyone else eager to learn more about this dynamic field.
Author Bio
Joseph B. Natowitz conducts research in nuclear reaction dynamics and the properties of very highly excited nuclei. Former holder of the Bright Chair in Nuclear Science at Texas A&M University, he has been a Visiting Professor at universities in France, Japan and Belgium. Christian Ngô, ScD, worked in fundamental and applied research, served in several managing positions and established Edmonium, a consulting company. Author or co-author of 14 books whose most recent are: "Our energy future" (Wiley) and "Nanotechnology in a nutshell" (Atlantis Press).