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The Power of Preeminence

High-Performance Principles to Accelerate Your Business and Career

Paul Rulkens

162 pages
Management Impact Publishing

If you want to accelerate your business and career and stand out like a tall giraffe surrounded by tiny field mice, now is the time to get serious and get going.

In this book, high performance expert Paul Rulkens offers the best ideas, insights and techniques to get everything you can out of everything you have -- from business growth to maximizing your own performance. Whether you are a business leader, company owner, or ambitious professional, The Power of Preeminence has the necessary tools to significantly raise the bar and quickly take you and your organization to the next level of business improvement and career success.

Author Bio
Paul Rulkens has drawn from his extensive experience in developing high-performance organizations and individuals to create a guide, packed with proven and practical ideas. You don’t have to be ill in order to get better.