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Leading with Lean

An Experience-Based Guide to Leading a Lean Transformation

Philip Holt

264 pages
Management Impact Publishing

Philip Holt is Head of Operational Excellence, Accounting Operations at Philips, and tells us exactly what Lean Leadership is, how we can learn to apply it and how you can convince the workplace never to settle for anything less than excellence.

We also learn how to redefine our leadership style and how to identify and eliminate wasteful activities within the company. This way you can recognize, realize and retain the ideal situation. In Leading with Lean, Philip Holt shows us the best ways to arrange a high-performance organization and gives us simple tools and insights for each leader to aspire to greatness, for themselves and for their teams.

Author Bio
Philip Holt studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School) and the University of Warwick. He worked for the Gillette Company before joining Philips, where he has built up a magnificent reputation on Lean practices and advice. By combining Japanese methods with European and American business processes, he has a keen eye for the weak spots within organizations and mentalities. Philip is a regular speaker at Lean, Six Sigma and Operational Excellence Conferences.