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Dialogue Methods in Action Learning

Monique Bellersen Inez Kohlmann

196 pages
Management Impact Publishing
Intervision is a form of expertise development in which professionals call on their colleagues' peers to help them gain insights into the problems they have at work. A group of five to eight participants unravels a problem submitted by one participant, the case provider, by asking questions using one or another intervision method. This book explains the top 10 best intervision methods.
Author Bio
Monique Bellersen established a successful consulting firm early on in her career and gained experience with complex and socially relevant issues. She has worked in China as a visiting lecturer and helped Dutch entrepreneurs achieve their corporate targets in Asia. She guides intervision groups and gives training courses, workshops and presentations on intervision.Inez Kohlmann has advised industry and government on organizational and innovative issues since 1990. She is affiliated with the HAN University of Applied Sciences, where she contributes innovative teaching methods and connects industry and education. Her to-the-point, innovative approach creates sustainable results with both industry and government.