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World Class Service

The 6 Rules of Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

168 pages
Management Impact Publishing

This book provides practical examples and guidance on how to provide excellent customer services.

Increasingly, organizations and businesses are faced with demanding customers. Customers tend to be better informed, more individualistic and highly critical, and less likely to accept bad or mediocre service or being told 'no'. Some industries are used to this type of customer, for example the high-end hospitality industry, and the luxury goods and services industries – 5-star hotels, expensive cars and jewelry. But now, other industries also find themselves dealing with such very demanding customers. This book shows you, the customer service representative, how to deal with these customers when saying 'no' is not an option.

Note that this book does not argue that you should be a doormat. Obviously, there are limits to customer centricity, and to what customers can or should expect. However, the authors do argue that you should roll out the red carpet, to ensure that the growing group of demanding customers receive World Class Service, and keep returning to your organization for more.

This book shows how you can service these critical customers. Six practical principles will improve your skills. Not the obvious tricks that display insincerity, but guidelines for authentic service. With practical examples you will get a grip on your strengths and improvement goals, and find the inspiration to strive for excellent customer service.

Author Bio
Dennis Opstal is a mechanical engineer, has been working in the car industry since 1995 and is currently the Senior Manager After-Sales Europe for an exclusive car brand. Dennis has a passion for excellent customer experiences as a key distinguishing element for organizations.
Jean-Pierre Thomassen is organizational advisor, lecturer at the University of Groningen and at business schools, and chairman of the Service Excellence Foundation. He previously wrote 15 books, on customer service and service excellence.