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Breve historia del feudalismo

320 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
Here you will immerse yourself in the world of the Middle Ages, one filled with barbarians, Germanic tribes, Vikings, magnanimous kings, powerful lords and audacious knights. Thorough in scope, this easy to follow book dismantles old dogmas and shines a light on the great conquests and military achievements of numerous medieval kingdoms. With the help of David Barreras and Cristina Duran, you will travel through the feudal ages and discover the great changes that Europe underwent as the Germanic peoples made their mark across the continent, just as the Roman Empire went through its agonizing downfall and disintegration in the 5th century. A Brief History of Feudalism challenges old beliefs and images created around feudal government systems, so that the reader understands that is was not only a decadent period, but one in which the term “peasant” wasn’t necessarily a term denoting “slave.” Through the use of new source material, this book will help us get a better sense of this dark historic period, one filled with invasions, internal conflicts and wars—elements that will fascinate any fan of this historical period.