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Breve historia de Napoleón

Juan Granados

320 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
Discover the history of this genius of war, despot of Europe, and passionate builder of contemporariness in this updated and complete biography of Napoleon Bonaparte. The book covers his rise from a humble provincial official to power during the turbulent French Revolution, the founding of a battlefield legend, his assault on the government of France, and the rise and fall of an empire so mythical and essential to an understanding of the contemporary history of Europe. The man, the general, the statesman, the lover”analyzed through the most accurate historical prism without renouncing the extraordinary anecdotes that have contributed to the classical studies of one of the most controversial figures of his time. Learn firsthand the conception of the French state and the new order that was dictated to Europe and survives to this day. Learn about the intimate stories, secrets, and ample amorous curriculum of this complex man.
Author Bio
Juan Granados (La Coruña, 1961) has a degree in modern history from the University of Santiago de Compostela, and a degree in economic history from the Francesco Datini de Prato International Institute (Florence). His research work has focused on the Spanish ruling class of the eighteenth century. He has contributed articles to various media sources, including his standard column ”El barril del amontillado” (The Amontillado Barrel) for the Sunday section of El Correo Gallego. He has written various books, including the nonfiction works Historia Contemporánea de España (1998) and Historia de Galicia (1999), and the novels Sartine y el caballero del punto fijo (2003), El gran capitán (2006), and Sartine y la guerra de los guaraníes (2010).